Prepare your migration to S/4 HANA


In a few years, SAP will no longer provide support for existing ECC. Each organization running on SAP ERP will have to update to S/4 HANA.

Be ready for the migration to S/4 HANA. Consult us for an assessment. Together we will examine the approach that suits your IT and business situation. According to your criteria, we will guide you towards a green field or a brown field approach.

On this page, we show you how SEAzam or SEAmetrics could be part of your migration success.

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Data Migration to S/4 Hana

migration to S/4 HANA Chart

SEAzam is the perfect ETL for the migration to S/4 HANA in a green field implementation.

It allows you to easily download your data from ECC and upload it in S/4 in a secure way.

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After the go live and the stabilization, the decommissioning of the legacy system will be necessary.

We propose you to save your important data before stopping the legacy system.

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The migration to S/4 HANA in a brown field implementation requires a preliminary audit of the system.

With our tool SEAmetrics, our experts provide an objective picture of the database content. This will allow to:


  • Decide which data is necessary and should be retained;
  • Decommission obsolete organization data;
  • Reduce the migration efforts in terms of time and cost;
  • Complete the transition to SAP HANA in a much easier way;
  • Reduce the database size, saving significant migration costs.


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