Put your data in an Excel sheet

We upload it in SAP



Discover how easily you can upload data in SAP by using an Excel sheet or a custom application. This is possible with SEAzam.



The SAP security rules are respected because SEAzam is an SAP add-on.

  1. Encode your data in a cusomized spreadsheet
  2. Send your file to SEAzam
  3. Let SEAzam interpret your data and upload it in SAP
  4. Your data is available in SAP.



There are many advantages to handling data in an Excel spreadsheet before loading it in SAP:




Accelerate the encoding process by:

      • using a spreadsheet that contains only the fields that are useful for you;
      • entering all your data in a single spreadsheet;
      • using modified copies of previous files instead of (always) re-encoding everything from scratch;
      • copy-pasting recurrent data instead of typing it repetitively.


Reduce the risk of errors by:

      • double-checking all your encoded data before sending the file to SAP;
      • copy-pasting recurrent data from a trusted source.

Cost efficiency

Ease of use and reduced risk of errors leads to cost savings through:
– limitation of complaints
– time spent rectifying (invoices, …)


Leverage the flexiblity of Excel sheets for your data encoding  in SAP.

Check your data is correct through Excel overview before confirming in SAP.


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