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Connect SAP to a mobile app

Many SAP users dream of connecting their mobile to SAP. It enables them to handle any SAP task by using their phone, no matter where they are. This can be done easily with the latest versions of SAP.

But what if you don’t have one of the latest versions of SAP ? SEAzam App Connector is an SAP solution that offers a real and effective alternative.

Connect SAP to a reporting tool

SAP is often not the company’s only application. In many cases, data reconciliation takes place in a data warehouse. If this is not an SAP BW, each extraction can soon become an expensive nightmare. Each change entails yet another cost.

With SEAzam Data Warehouse, it is easy to extract masses of structured data from an SAP system.

Centralise your interfaces in one tool

Protecting your data against theft is a very complex job in SAP. Auditing the quality of this protection is just as complex, if not more so.
Why ? Because a number of different tools are capable of accessing your data in SAP. Each of these tools has its own transactions, authorisations and logs.

With SEAzam Security, you can build all data uploads and downloads, leaving you with just one tool, making it much easier to manage authorisations, monitor activities and audit them. Their monitoring will be possible starting from the same transaction.

Simplify your interfaces security and audit

Since R/3, SAP has provided its clients with multiple data import and export tools. These tools may be effective, but they are in no way standardized, making them difficult to administer and audit.



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